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Why register your company in the BVI?

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Why register with us?

There is a number of providers in the industry, who specialize in selling offshore companies. We believe that we are selling a solution for your individual needs. Instead of offering you a cookie cutter product, we identify a suitable setup for you, based on your country of residence, industry and individual preferences. You will thank us later.

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Company Formation BVI

What is the benefit of a BVI Company?

  • Low Initial Registration & Annual fees
  • No corporate tax
  • Stable government as a British Overseas Territory is backed by the United Kingdom
  • Strong domestic infrastructure and a robust and recognised Commercial Court
  • BVI companies are recognised by all major international markets and jurisdictions

How do I get registered?

  1. Inquire with us
  2. Based on the form, our relationship managers will offer a solution for you
  3. Fill out documentation
  4. Company registered usually the next working day after documentation
  5. Company registered

Most popular BVI company formation options

× Hi, you've made it! Before we proceed - if you are looking for a cheap pre-made company that will be a hell to manage, please go here or here. If you are looking for a bank introduction with HSBC, who will call you about every transaction you make and act like it's shady before they close your account, please go here. Otherwise, just inquire and let's take it from there...


What is the benefit of a BVI Company?

  • There are BVI admitted lawyers in almost all major financial jurisdictions
  • There are BVI admitted lawyers in almost all major financial jurisdictions
  • Confidentiality – there is no requirement to file information on a public register
  • No requirement to have audited accounts
  • No resident director requirements
  • Incorporation can be completed in 24 hours once all required information and documentation is provided

What is the BVI Company registration process?

  1. Complete the application form and return with the incorporation fee
  2. A search for the availability of the names (as listed in the application form) is made and if available reserved.
  3. The application form is checked for completeness and where necessary followed up on for further information and documentation.
  4. Once completed the application to incorporate is submitted
  5. The Directors Consent(s) and First Resolution and First Share Certificate(s) is forwarded for execution and return.
  6. The Registers of Directors and Shareholders is completed and forwarded along with the company kit to the client

  7. Start the process

What documents are needed to register a BVI Company?

  • Completed Application Form
  • Self-Certification Form on each individual Director, Shareholder and Beneficial Owner with supporting due diligence including government issued I.D. and evidence of residential address. Acceptance of due diligence is at the complete discretion of the service provider
  • We may require Due Diligence documentation on entities providing a link between the Directors and Shareholders and individuals.

How long does it take to incorporate a Company in the BVI?

After all the required documents are returned and the fee paid the Company is usually incorporated by the next working day. Once the consents and resolutions are returned the electronic versions of the corporate documents should be returned within one (1) working day. There may however be delays at various times due to increased volume with the registry or other external factors.

Company Formation BVI